L.A. Witch – GET LOST

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Hawai’i's ‘The Manifold’ Issue 6: Anonymous

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Have you ever not only recreated but relived a moment from the past with the release of a shutter? Tell me, where would you like to go today…

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Jesus died for you (not me) – Jonny Craig

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what I think comes on as inspiration now is just a short-lived flashback of what I once was.

On the road you run into a lot of transient, fleeting moment kind of relationships. Short-lived rawness that somehow halts time like nothing long-lived ever could. It’s said bliss was never meant to be a permanant thing but I am always chasing…

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The thing with being the host of humble dreams is that they’ve surpassed themselves tenfold and now I’m kind of like ‘what’s next?’ -Not out of disatisfaction but ‘awe’ because I can’t believe I’m already here…

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(Photo above by Andy Wauman www.gutterdust.com)

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Travel is confusing; it keeps me present but it also keeps me trying to savour it; but by the time the moment has passed I am in the next, and the next…

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The Velvet Underground;

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Meredith Divine; Santa Monica

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It’s not the world that chews us up and spits us out -but the people we chose to share the experience with.

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We inspired eachother then went our ways. A brief meeting that could have only been coordinated prior to birth, somewhere in the stars. I’d have nothing to run on if it weren’t for him -life is too pretty now.

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You only ever really hit rock bottom once. One time. Every time after that is just a familiar feeling. Now i take more risks, let things fall apart just to see how i cope. -Subconscious Sabotage

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NEW: The 67′ Raglan. Available at dontblowtheillusion.com.

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It’s ironic that I take photos, because it’s when my eyes are closed that I feel most alive.

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We all leave behind and have been left behind – it’s part of evolution, but only if you grow from it.

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I will always make the wrong decision if it means gaining experience. The hardest part is letting go of fear. There’s no right way of doing this.

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Song by Metric – Help I’m Alive